Top 5 DC Red Flags

As bitcoiner’s become the obvious prize in the eyes of millions of girls around the world, many men in this community may not have…

Top 5 DC Red Flags

As bitcoiner’s become the obvious prize in the eyes of millions of girls around the world, many men in this community may not have experience identifying red flags in what to look out for when filtering girls for potential wifu material. It will be a new experience for us all to have all the leverage as the fiat standard goes to zero, and bitcoiner’s figured the future out first. The bad news is that these red flags are abundant, so if you are looking to settle down and start a family immediately during the fall of Rome, you may need to lower your expectations, or just disregard these red flags as a joke to sleep better at night. Bitcoin appreciates forever. Few. There is no rush, kings. Enjoy the decline a bit first, if you wish. They surely enjoyed the last decade when they had the leverage under the fiat standard. We can see the evidence everywhere. Society is starting to crack.

One — Soulless eyes

This can be hard to identify for a novice, but this is by far the most important red flag. This is referred to as the “thousand cock stare” where her soul has been ripped out of her, and she is not quite in this world anymore the same way as when she was an innocent girl. They may even argue that this is something that “incel’s” would talk about, projecting their own insecurities onto others. The reality is that the eyes are the insight into the soul. If she has taken 50-100 bodies from 18–25 there is simply no way for them to hide this damage to their souls. All of those pump and dumps, crying over men that simply wanted to sleep with them, are not good for any woman’s temple. They carry that baggage with them from guy to guy, only adding to it, never working through it. Women are receivers of energy, men output it. These dishonest courtesan’s (DC’s) are to be avoided by any means necessary. The covid vax stare is included. Can’t think for themselves, fell for the lies. No hiding this.

Two — No Father Present Growing Up

If she does not have a masculine energy to balance our her feminine energy in her formative years, she will be forever chasing validation from men. Aka daddy issues. Women bring chaos into the world if their energy is not managed properly by a strong masculine force. This will program her to be a third wave feminist, as she will think being a strong independent woman is what men are looking for. Her crazy feminist mother, as well as the media, taught her this growing up. “Men are the problem.” There has been a deliberate war on the patriarchy to destroy America from within.

Three — Their Friends

Birds of a feather flock together. People are programmed by what they see. If a girl has a friend that sleeps around with a new guy every weekend, she will think at some level that this is normal behavior. If she has only guy friends, it generally means that she is tired of girls judging her for being slutty/taking their man, so they seek validation from men who are only trying to sleep with them. Guys can’t really be friends with girls the same as girls are friends with girls. There is always sexual tension there. A girl’s best friend may snitch on her and tell him her bf her real body count, in order to try to steal him (make her appear less desirable, used up). All is fair in love and war.

Four — Tattoos and Piercings

Nothing like a permanent sign of a bad decision. High time preference. The more covered in tattoos, the more damaged the girl is. If she has a bull ring piercing, she is definitely beyond saving. But this also demonstrates that they enjoy pain, that they are lashing out against society for whatever reason. Self harm, cutters also fall into this category. If she has scars from cut marks, avoid that girl like the plague. She will only try to bring you down to hell with her.

Five — College Graduate

There is a good chance that she was completely ran through in college. Eiffel towers are a felony on their records. You cannot repent going through a dozen guys your first week frosh year. At the very least, if simps want to imagine that they were all nuns in college (they weren’t), she learned crazy marxist ideas there. College educated women have the highest divorce rate in the country, ~90%. They took advantage of the first time they got the opportunity to be away from their family, if you catch my drift. Their bank accounts were loaded with student loan money, and they were encouraged to make bad decisions. There is a reason why noblemen in the past would never let their wives receive a higher education. Those ideas are not helpful in trying to raise a family. Must restrain these feminine urges to preserve their value. Otherwise, they go the way of the dishonest courtesan.