That’s sexual harassment, bro

Bitcoin conference 2022 has came and gone, and one of the biggest topics being discussed has nothing to do with bitcoin. The fiat-based…

That’s sexual harassment, bro 

Send cryptofinally back to the streets #flatassgate

Bitcoin conference 2022 has came and gone, and one of the biggest topics being discussed has nothing to do with bitcoin. The fiat-based cancel culture has intersected with bitcoin twitter’s culture. Yes, I am referring to the “crypto influencer” cryptofinally, and her debacle with bitcoin fuckboi and bitcoin twitter.

It is hard to make money off of telling people to just buy bitcoin and use generic hardware with free and open source software. Not impossible, but practicing this tends to lean towards more service based businesses, where support is provided like Red Hat’s relationship with linux. Herein lies the problem with trying to make a living in the bitcoin industry. I tweeted that it would be a good drinking game to drink every time someone at the bitcoin conference said the cringeword “crypto.” People would die the first day from alcohol poisoning. All sponsorship's are trying to get a return on that money spent, it is business. They aren’t giving money to bitcoin magazine for the conference out of the kindness from their hearts. This is tied to their livelihood. So the principles preached on twitter are forced to interact with the money being thrown at them. The suits paying the bills are playing ball with the ESG narratives, they do not want to hurt any potential income streams, and thus also buy into the modern feminism sexual harassment cancel culture that has been psyop’d into our minds with the #metoo madness. 

This delusional tattoo’d dishonest courtesan (dc), cryptofinally, spends more time scamming noobs on the internet shilling shitcoins than doing squats in the gym. Total fiat mindset; pump and dump. Her playbook is 1) be a dc, and 2) cry foul when called out on her scam by an anon psychopath from bitcoin twitter, who casually befriended her to get her to lower her guard around strangers. The scam was exposed once bitcoin fuckboi tweeted a well timed creeper pic of this thot in the same outfit as her public thirst trap on twitter, and exposed her for being trashy and dishonest in her self promotion. This does not align well with her long term plan of finding a rich simp to worship her, so she immediately started panicking once she discovered she was outed. She immediately pulls the sexual harassment card, and tried to unleash the feminine chaos rage on her haters. Even though she was in a public event and there is no expectation of privacy, and she specifically put herself in the spotlight trying to attract attention. There is a reason why this event specifically broke her after years of hate on twitter. It aligns with the Fall of Rome culture we are in, where the scam is up, and people are tired of being lied to in every facet of their lives. In addition, it was well planned and executed by a seasoned psychopath. She did not see it coming and was caught off guard. 

The idea that if someone has an opinion that the culture currently rejects, that it should be silenced, is a commie tactic. Silence the dissent, since you cannot beat them in an intellectual debate. She exposed herself as a western commie who immediately is the victim and crying poor me. There is a reason why the first amendment in the bill of rights is the freedom of speech. It is the foundation that free societies are built upon. I support people saying what they want even if I do not necessarily agree with it. I do not want to live in commie china where citizens would end up in jail if they remotely questioned what the state was doing. The same commie country where they are currently starving, locked down in their apartments like slaves. 

Back to the differing cultures between bitcoin and shitcoins. Bitcoin is individualism. Shitcoins are collectivism. Bitcoin is about accepting your place in life, how you got there and why. Owning it, and doing something about it. Bitcoiners acknowledge none of us are equal or starting out at the same point in our lives. With shitcoins, as long as you are in the “right” group with secret insider information, it is okay in their eyes to have relative morality. Basically recreating the old fiat system, but on the blockchain. To dump their bags on unsuspecting noobs that are not in their little club.

Shitcoin influencers in 2022, where bitcoin maximalism is blatant and obvious, have no moral compass. They are perfectly okay with screwing over others as long as they get theirs. Bitcoiners only win if we all win together. When we go up, we are cheering for our own individual wins, together. When we go down, we are not panicking; rather, we are buying the dip, cutting back on expenses, and continuing to study and look for holes in our thesis. Bitcoin’s supply of bitcoin is fixed and decreasing forever, so it is just a timing issue. Many even cheer for dips, as if enables them to acquire more bitcoin in the process. It is the opposite of the pump and dump mantra in crypto. 

Cryptofinally is quickly understanding that it is not satisfying being pumped and dumped by rich shitcoiners. She is trying to find her man to settle down with, as are the rest of the dishonest courtesans after their “hoe phases.” The only problem is, besides those giant trashy tattoos covering her thighs and her being a dc, is her flat ass. She was able to take some selfie pics of her butt to make her look somewhat appealing. However, in the wild, without filters and myspace angles, the ass leaves less to be desired. It is not just some skinny girl who got an unfair reaction, instead, it is a rapidly aging dc that needs to lift more and strip less if she is going to be successful at trapping some poor simp to fleece. This was a significant event in her life that greatly hurt her abilities to complete the scam and obtain exit liquidity from some sucker. 

FiGhT tHe StAtE bRo — I’m MoRe ThAn TiTs aNd AsS

The best part to me was how she got resident bitcoin twitter dc, parroting bylili, to support her and instructed her that she should in fact sue over this. The same butterface that is parroting privacy and fighting the state is telling the flat ass crypto scammer that she should use the state to try to wreck people over it. Talk about irony.

This was criminal fraudulent representation of said ass

Your honor, the defense rests.

So enough of this reality television, right rand0? I agree, but it is important to call it out as well. The fiat shitcoiner culture is attacking the bitcoin twitter culture, and it will not win. There are too many assholes like me out there that are willing and able to call this out, that understand why it is so important to do so. This is a color revolution. The Soros of the world are trying to destroy america, while the western commies cheer it on, not understanding just how privileged they were to be born in a country that allowed its citizens to own guns, have free speech, and keep the fruits of their labor. Born losers.

The bitcoin magazine ceo defended the dc and tried to act like this was the worst thing ever, and she didn’t ask for it at all. If we as a culture allow these social justice warriors to have a voice, to be taken seriously, then we will just end up recreating the same, broken system that we already currently face. To go back to the traditional norms of the past, we must hold our ground. Based cuties on team bitcoin will defend us, and the uggos of the past will race towards irrelevance, crying about how mean we are and how unfair the world is. On a bitcoin standard, beauty matters. The truth matters. These commie fiat tactics will no longer be effective. Laugh at them when they are trying to make coherent arguments. They are fighting the truth, we have the truth on our side. The western commies will end up starving if they do not pivot from this madness. There is way more important stuff to worry about, like preparing for the potential food shortages and civil unrest

The bitcoin twitter culture will survive. It is based on truth, which shall prevail given enough time. Cryptofinally’s #flatassgate will be a lesson to girls everywhere, while they think they may have won the battle, they will lose the war. They will end up alone, with inflated egos and no one to take care of them. Watching the new class of women who understand what we are looking for replace them. Bitcoin appreciates, girls like cryptofinally depreciate rapidly. The male to female ratio has to change eventually. The cards aren’t in her favor. The simps defending her aren’t going to be there to take care of her when she is sick and old. 

The end result of all of this drama is that cryptofinally has giant ugly tattoos, a flat ass, likes to broadcast herself dancing on a stripper pole, and is insecure about her place in the world. Trying desperately to keep the larp going just a bit longer. Still trying to thrive off past crypto fame, but quickly becoming irrelevant as people figure out crypto is a scam and only bitcoin matters. Pretending to be rich on rented yachts is not going to attract the type of man she feels entitled to, only loser creeps would still be into this chick after this performance, which cryptotwitter has in abundance. Remember kings, we hold the power. We decide who, if anyone, we marry. They can have their fun in the streets, but ultimately men decide who is worthy of commitment. Let them post their L’s, they can be leveraged to teach others.