He’s a sellout, bro

A wise man is able to learn from the hard lessons of others, rather than having to make the same mistakes themselves. There are a lot of…

He’s a sellout, bro 

A wise man is able to learn from the hard lessons of others, rather than having to make the same mistakes themselves. There are a lot of parallels between skateboarding and bitcoin twitter’s cultures, and bitcoiners can learn a lot from the hard lessons learned in the more established skate culture. Bitcoin twitters culture is younger, but is already of more influence to the world. Bitcoin and skateboarding both focus on the individual, rather than a team. Both have successfully evolved from the counter culture to mainstream. As I have been pushing on skateboards longer than bitcoin has existed, I can point to the growing pains that the skateboarding industry is still going through now that the “sport” is mainstream. Skateboarding is generating billions of dollars in revenue, and international corporations like Nike and Adidas have shown up to sponsor the best skaters and control/monetize the narrative. After the suits eventually showed up, the cultural ideals in the skateboarding culture that I grew up in were quickly challenged, and shown that they were basically an illusion. People sold out for as much as they could, as quickly as they could. Shoes made by slave labor in China/South East Asia. Energy drinks are horrible for your health, who cares, show me the money!

I first pushed on a skateboard as a child in the mid 90’s, like Jonah Hill’s movie. It was surprisingly relatable and well produced. I never was great at skating, but as most people can’t even push on a board, if you could land kickflips and pop shove its, or even ollie, you were already in rare territory against the general population. Skateboarding was still counterculture back then; it wasn’t something that was generally accepted by society. The jock culture had not yet really made it in yet; it was still relatively uncool and more for independent thinkers and outsiders in general. Simply by skating, most of society already formed a strong opinion on you before ever saying a word. Old people would judge you as a loser that would never amount to anything, and cops would harass you like you were an urban youth about to commit a serious crime. 

Skateboarding is still not fully accepted, but overall, now that it is in the Olympics, it is pretty safe to say it became a mainstream sport. For bitcoin to really matter, it has to further move from counterculture fringe status to mainstream status. The sociopaths have arrived by the boat load, and have started to monetize the very culture the fanatics built. Principles are great in theory, but when men start to stack responsibilities like wives and children, ultimately feeding your family takes priority over idealism, especially if one has a wage slave mindset. There is a clear and distinct reason why big textile/shoe companies have their manufacturing facilities in the East, the labor is much cheaper, and they can benefit from the regulatory arbitrage between a free country like the USA and commie countries like China and Vietnam. The money saved goes to the executives, who were so smart to pull something like this off. Is it ethical? That fiat money sure is. The dollar is America’s biggest export. Everyone wants it. 

Pigs like Coffee and Donuts

It is part of the skate culture to question authority. After all, skaters are often trespassing on other’s property, and are not treated with much respect from authority positions. Security guards are our natural enemies. Cops even worse, as they have actual authority (that they frequently abuse). Skateboarders can travel around the world, and by just pushing on a piece of wood, we instantly have something in common with others that share similar ideals. It is a quick way to filter strangers, as if you are a tourist skating around and see other local skaters, it is not uncommon for everyone to chat or even play skate. Without knowing anything about them, I could make basic assumptions about them enough to get along as if they were old friends. The shared experience that comes with riding a skateboard is universal, regardless where the skater is physically currently located. Getting hassled by cops, old people, and still doing what we want and having fun are just a few examples of shared experiences that skaters have.

Based on how other subcultures have evolved, it is best to be a little evil, otherwise the psychopaths and sociopaths will take advantage of the naive fanatics that think everyone else is basically like them. That they have a similar moral compass, that they have the same idea as to what is right and what is wrong. These sociopaths and psychopaths are incredibly evil. Pizzagate is real. Skaters are thrust into this by being subjugated to the police, simply by existing in public. It was the only time in my life as a yuppie white guy that I have been harassed like that. It was easy to see the imbalance of power that was occurring. These former high school bullies had more power and authority than they would ever have in the private sector, and they get off on it. Power is a drug. Before body cameras were a thing, it was your word versus theirs. They operate like a fraternity, where the bad apples are protected since it will make the whole bunch look bad. The 1997 film “L.A. Confidential” nails this. The incentives and consequences are not aligned to generate any other reality. The way the world is, versus the way the world ought to be, are two entirely different things. 

Haters Gonna Hate

Both skateboarding and bitcoin twitter cultures have plenty of haters. As a skater, hating is like a second language. “Oh that kid isn’t that good.” (Even though the kid is clearly really good.) “Oh he is a fruitbooter (Rollerblader), what a loser.” “Oh his chick is a hoe, Freddy hit on the low, and said it there was no traction left.” On bitcoin twitter, it is about who is larping, who actually understands anything, who is parroting others, etc. It is a small world and few get it still. There is more reputational risk to say something new than to repeat what others have already established as “truth.”

In a way, hating helps maintain high standards within subcultures. Your skate crew can’t be pushing around mongo (back foot first, ugly style) and wearing whack clothes; it would reflect poorly on everyone. High school cliques never really go away. There is a reason why skaters don’t wear helmets (outside of vert), it looks lame and pretty much labels you as a pussy. Normies don’t understand why, but the reason for this is that in skating it is really hard to end up hitting your head if you know how to fall correctly. The hating that occurs in skating is mostly just messing around, not necessarily mean spirited (but could be, skate kids can be rough around the edges). On a deeper level, hating/criticizing was more so a defense mechanism, since the activity inherently provokes unwanted reactions from the general public. Bitcoiners are used to being mocked by normies, but we always get the last laugh in the end. 

In skating there are more haters within the culture, and in bitcoin they are mostly on the outside. They are all very salty, they love to see people fail, especially from high places. They are rooting for it, they thrive off it. Since skateboarding is relatively subjective, there are many skaters that are good, but only a limited amount of sponsored spots for professionals to actually do it for a living. Politics is heavily involved in determining who is selected for these prestigious positions. For example, Chad Muska, the pro skater in Tony Hawk Pro Skater with the boombox as his special trick, acted a fool with Ed Templeton, the owner of Toy Machine (who Muska was skating for) and Ed cut him immediately. You can’t bite the hand that feeds; it’s just not good business. Can’t disrespect the boss man like that in front of his friends, even if you are a naturally talented “athlete.” Business still wins out. It is not all a game, even if they all like to party together. The mentality from someone that signs the front of the checks is different than the ones that sign the back of it. There is a lot more responsibility that comes with the territory of running a business and having employees depend on you for their livelihood, rather than just taking care of yourself and at most your own family. People grow up quick when they are responsible for millions of dollars all of a sudden. If they treat life like one big party, they generally go down the dark path of alcoholism, other drug addictions (alcohol is a drug), and just blowing their opportunity. High time preference decisions. 

It has come full circle lol 

Bitcoin twitter has its own haters, and no one is free from being roasted if they say something stupid. Grudges go back years. People go through old tweets. Just because we all have bitcoin, does not mean we all are friends. Just because we all tweet, does not mean everyone has something to worthy to say. There is a lot of parroting and fronting going on that needs to get called out, or else the right people may not get elevated into influential positions. The Pedro’s of the culture. Who else is tired of that guy having an audience? How he literally never learns anything. I remember when I first joined bitcoin twitter I listened to Pedro and thought this was a well produced podcast. But years later, if I listen to a new episode, it is like Pedro has not learned a thing. Somehow, even though he has interviewed some of the smartest people in the world, he is still a noob. Maybe that’s his shtick. Maybe he’s a spook. Either way, we can do better. The midwits that fall for the money changers propaganda shouldn’t be running the bitcoin twitter space. 

Carroll launching off a jump ramp 

Another good example is Marc Johnson versus Mike Carroll. Everyone in the skateboarding scene loves Marc; he is one of the sickest skaters of all time, but he has always been on the worker side of skaters, where as Carroll started the companies “Girl,” “Chocolate,” and “Lakai,” so while he was also a sick pro skater with clean style (and a big hater lol), he was on the owner side of the argument. Marc got an offer to ride for Adidas and asked Carroll to match it with Lakai, and he did. This bought Carroll some time, but when they took outside money to try to compete with the bigger companies, they required them to cut Marc’s pay, which was a deal breaker for him. Marc then reneged on his word to Carroll about not announcing him leaving Lakai to Adidas until they could move some product around, and not take such a big financial hit from it. This caused Carroll to publicly call out Marc in Jenkem (Online skate magazine). Skateboarding knows drama. The drama on bitcoin twitter should be more entertaining than this as the wealth creation is on a different level and we increase our power individually and collectively. 

When the suits show up to monetize “cool”, there are new conversation topics that occur. Instead of who is getting the most wasted and pulling the most chicks, they begin to be primarily concerned about making money, reducing risk (Potential liability, lawyer’s drive behavior), and most importantly keeping the business’ lights on. For example, the energy drink pro skaters don’t even really drink that poison, but this is kept on the down low as it would clearly impact sales if normies knew this. They put water in the Red Bull/Monster cans for skate contests for advertising, so it looks like they are drinking them. Pro skater David Gravette exposed this on “The Nine Club” industry podcast. This podcast is also where Muska opened up about the bridge he burned with Templeton. Technology has now provided the tools to share these details easily for basically free. It’s not like I know any of these people irl. It is hard to keep a secret when everyone has a microphone. People love to talk about themselves. People love attention. On bitcoin twitter it is the same. People are self-doxxing themselves for vanity and attention, not even necessarily having industry positions where it is required. That is everyone’s own individual call, but I don’t see much upside to it, and many potential downsides. Staying psuedoanon is the way to go personally. The world is about to get a lot darker before it gets better, and the western commies are jelly of bitcoin hodlers. We force them to reflect on their own failures. The internet is written in ink. 

Western Commies (WC’s) have arrived and think that their opinion matters. That they deserve to be heard. They get upset when they get blocked, as if they are entitled to free signal when they offer up nothing but grief. Acting like we work for them. They have never really got checked before in their lives, and they are not quite sure how to act when they finally do. It is not like they are material. Bitcoin is going to pump forever with or without them. They are so used to these “customer is always right” mantras that they get a little too comfortable with strangers that are not selling anything. They have no leverage, they need us more than we need them. We have put the work in to be able to understand this, not them. If they cannot act right, then they do not deserve space inside my mentions. Poof. Gone forever. Or at least after they repent and change that behavior. Forgiveness is divine. 

Purity Testing

It is easy to resist temptation when there is no opportunity. If an individual is already relatively anti-fragile, their reputation would be worth more than any high time preference pump and dump. Easy to have the appearance of principles if they are never tested. Skater’s sold out the minute they got the chance. Most people are largely as loyal as their options under a fiat standard. An “industry” skater will quickly sign a contract with a morally reprehensible brand that does not reflect the skate culture, if offered. Few would turn down significant money for their alleged principles. The exact people that are hating on people like Nyjah would sign a contact with Nike in a second, the issue is obvious, they are not good enough to warrant a contract to get paid to push a plank of wood around. They don’t want to go there though, it is much easier on their ego to hate on Nyjah for being a sell out, bro. 

Bitcoin twitter and crypto twitter have a similar relationship. It is easy to say you are a principled “maxi” and then if you get enough attention on twitter, some suit may slide in your dm’s and ask you to shill bitclout. Even within “maxi’s”, many are now getting corporate jobs and their tweets are becoming increasingly sanitized. Bitcoin Twitter is not Linkedin, and hopefully the culture will not morph into something like it once the suits see dollar signs in their minds. The suits are trying to water down the culture, they are trying to control us. What they did not anticipate is that we are white tigers. They think we are tamed, but we are just waiting for the right moment to bite their head off.

In life, actions speak louder than words. It doesn’t matter what someone says if they do the exact opposite of what they say. People lie, people are good at hiding behind several [figurative] masks. Lies add up; the truth eventually comes out. Telling one lie means you have to commit to that lie forever, or risk getting called out as a liar. It is easier to just tell the truth, and in a bitcoin standard environment, it will make more financial sense to not lie as well. People make bad decisions based on their own free will, when they are faced to challenge their “principles.” They may tweet all about dollar cost averaging but ended up going 10x long into December 2021 because “Plan B said it would go up,” never taking accountability for their own L’s.  

Just because people act like they share the same principles on bitcoin twitter, doesn't mean they actually do. It is easy to pretend. There are still classes here. Someone that is in the red that has a average cost basis of $60,000 is not going to relate to someone that has an average cost basis of $100. They will likely hold resentment towards them, if anything. “Lucky.” Buying bitcoin is now a competition at the highest level, and we are all competing against the established money in the markets. The days of pure altruism ended pre-covid. Now the beast has been awaken with all the criminal money printing going on at the Fed in the name of covid 1984. Most people in the fiat world just want as much money as possible, regardless of how it is made and who they destroy in the process to obtain it. No empathy. This is the culture in western society in general under the quickly unraveling fiat standard. Employees get promoted for stepping on people. They get fired for speaking out against it (problem employee). 


Reputation is forever and follows you everywhere in the digital age. Your reputation precedes you. For better or worse, people already know who you are before meeting you based on your public persona. Low time preference actions pay dividends. It is important to pay homage to the trailblazers (hat tipping rather than stealing tweets), but also to understand that we are all standing on the shoulders of giants, and building on top of them. There is no need to recreate the wheel. 

The dishonest courtesan’s, with their OnlyFans/Premium Snapchat accounts, put their most private information on the internet for anyone with a few bucks to see forever. Their poor eventual husband, if they ever get so lucky, will have to deal with knowing that everyone she knows has already basically seen her naked before you. Nothing is special anymore, everything is for sale and the price is much lower than they expected. They do not understand the economic forces of supply and demand. They are in reality a 6 (a 10 in their minds), and they are not famous, so only the people they already know in real life are going to pay to see them naked. Plenty of hotter women on the internet available to see for free already otherwise. Men must also maintain their reputation, especially if they are single and becoming sexually involved with potential dishonest courtesans. Likewise, females must be on the lookout for psychopaths, and not simply blame all men for their bad selection strategies.

Honor and legacy are everything. If your word is worth nothing (liar), then nothing else matters. Everything else is corrupted that is associated with your word. Game over on bitcoin twitter. It is serious now. It is best to not flake on people, they will remember. Not a joke like some people act like it is. People do not like liars, especially when serious money is on the line. “Just trolling” comments will not fly when trades blow up in their faces. These trolls are probably still crying about lost/old coins they sold. Hey guess what that is a common story, get over it. Happened to me too, but I was able to accept the L, and adapt. Not constantly whine about what could have been like a Western Commie (WC). If people that you do dirty end up in positions of power and influence, they will try to make your life miserable. People hold grudges.

Your reputation, like herpes, is forever. 

Yonnie Cruz, [former] pro skater on Chocolate, is out here knowingly spreading herpes, like this information isn’t going to come out, and there won’t be downstream consequences. Not to mention the obvious morality question as to ruining someone else’s life like that without even notifying them in advance of the risk. When it comes to writing out potentially salacious things like this, spreading the herp, it is important to understand that libel applies. Lawyers can get involved. That only applies if it is false. This information has been confirmed by multiple parties, and Yonnie is not exactly in a financial position to be hiring lawyers to sue people for exposing the truth. He was canceled

Rekt Psychopath Yonnie

Understand that with the law, it is not what happened, it is what can be proved in court with evidence. While I’m not a lawyer, I did pass business law in college, and have watched My Cousin Vinny like 20 times, so I’m familiar with the process. I even attended jury duty to learn more about the process, but unfortunately was not picked lol. There are tons of creeps that ruin innocent peoples lives by abusing the legal system. I.e. the creep rapes some girl, the girl calls him out as a rapist, has no real proof, then the creep sues the girl for libel. Don’t get me wrong, girls also claim false rape as well, and the whole system is a mess. Can never be too careful when having casual sex with dishonest courtesans (DC’s). Faketoshi operated like this, he would sue anyone that would call him out for lying about being Satoshi. Our boy Hodlonaut ended up getting caught up in this sadly (We are all hodlonaut). Pedro even got got with this after using this as an opportunity for him to seek attention. These cases are only now wrapping up, as court cases take a long time to occur. Money is power. The court of public opinion is guilty until proven innocent. Rich people can and do bully poor people via the justice system. But it is still the best system we have, sadly. Bitcoin will help fix the justice system by building truth within it.

Thrasher took down this video of them joking about Johan knowingly spreading Herpes. Precursor Psychopath to Yonnie.

Mixing Business and Friendship

The skate industry is very entrepreneurial, basically due to need. It is normal for skaters to start their own companies, and in general hustle on their own, as most skaters do not even graduate high school, and looking for some fancy white collar job is not exactly in the cards anyways. However, there can only be so many business owners, there has to be more employees to keep them going. So if a company makes it big and the owners get rich, but the employees are still taking a small paycheck, resentment can build. Add corporations that are connected to the money printer entering the space, and offering the employees bigger paychecks and it creates even more drama. While a company owner can say things like “we are all family” the reality is that they eventually get older and start their own real families, and you cannot feed your wife and kids by working for free. Money can and often does ruin friendships. Everyone knows the saying “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” but then they do not change their behavior and their top 5 remains as losers they grew up with that are never going to go anywhere. Crabs in a bucket, trying to keep them down at their level. It is hard for people to close the gap, and thus it is lonely at the top. Success shows who your real friends were/are, and who is just friends with you based on what you can do for them or what they can leech off of you. 

Bitcoin twitter has its own version of this. The podcast circle jerk. The plebs versus patricians. I recently called it out on twitter as it just became insufferable, but basically everyone pretends like we are all “plebs” and all in this together, like some commie covid 1984 mantra. “Everyone that runs a node is equal.” The reality is that it is a competition, and we are all competing against each other for the same fixed pie. We are all trying to prove that we are worthy. But when massive price drops happen, or price targets don’t hit, you start to see people’s true colors come out. That we are not all on the same team. That their wive’s are mad at them for losing money and that they told them it would happen. That they are envious of the others that are still in the money. We aren’t going to quickly evolve from the seven deadly sins just like that. Everyone’s average cost basis shows. Blaming anonymous internet strangers for why you lost money is not going to turn any females on anytime soon. They are laughing about their husband’s with their boyfriends

There are traitors in the midst. Not everyone is cheering for us to win. In fact, many “bitcoiners” are cheering for us to lose, so they can have another chance to get rich quick, since clearly they think they deserve it more than us, for whatever reason. Even though they were still fudding it when we were taking it seriously. But somehow the western commies feel entitled to lower prices nonetheless. That is not how the world works. Whining about how unfair life is will not help anyone. People do not want to see you more successful than them, so keep your wins quiet. There is an inherent resentment that comes from the have-nots. The plebeians are secretly rooting for the gap between them and the patricians to vanish. Supply and demand has something else in mind. They are competing against the money printer now, which has an unlimited supply of brrrrrrrr. Good luck. 

There will always be people criticizing both sides, and the majority usually gets it incorrect. Why group think fails often is a loaded topic that I could spend an entire article on, but to sum it up briefly, most people are brainwashed zombie sheep (BZS), who do not actually think for themselves. They parrot the money changers narrative as if it were their own. They do not ever really critically think for themselves on any topic. Why would they suddenly start now? A catastrophe like covid may have woken them up, and I am optimistic that the Dr. Malone episode on JRE, but until now they have walked right into a slaughterhouse, and would mock anyone that tried to warn them in advance. Powerful manipulation. Group think. People did not want to be ostracized from the group. 

Idealism vs Reality

In both skateboarding and bitcoin twitter, the cultures tend to lean on the idealistic side, even though the reality we live in does not resemble anything like it. To align with the truth, the answer, sadly, is to compromise. These parrots saying “not your keys not your bitcoin” would not be upset if their bitcoin went up 10x because some huge pension fund invested in a bitcoin ETF who holds the keys for them. All those idealistic bitcoiner’s private keys now store more energy regardless. We are all getting hot girlfriends soon. We are all empowered to do more now with our bitcoin. As Saylor stated, it is important to be diplomatic about this. The goal is to take down money printing. Not to right every wrong. We don’t have time for that, and that is an impossible task for anyone; this is too important to get caught up in minor details. Perfection is the enemy of complete. Iterate a little at a time. Teach a noob about bitcoin, get someone to self custody their bitcoin off an exchange, etc. There is a lot of work to be done to head towards a bitcoin standard. 

Bitcoin twitter culture does not have to face the same fate as skateboarding, with the sociopaths controlling everyone and everything, even though the suits do not even skate. If bitcoiners do this right, they will be stacking sats as their main priority, not trying to become some influencer full time while having no actual skills. There is a saying on bitcoin twitter, ‘mine fiat,’ which is accurate. There are only so many “industry” jobs within bitcoin that it still makes sense to work jobs that aren’t necessarily in the bitcoin industry at all, and then convert those fiat wages into bitcoin. Starting a business can be a great way to make money as well, but there is also the opportunity cost of simply hodling that bitcoin, as well as the related operational risks that come with running a business. By having an antifragile bitcoin stack, bitcoiners will not have to compromise on their values by being one paycheck away from starving. It will be easy to turn down altcoin shilling offers as they will already have bitcoin, and not need to sell out and damage their reputations. We are building an elite network here of bitcoin patricians. No frauds allowed. Spooks are creeping, and are trying to divide and conquer. To control the narrative (Don’t blame the money changers!). Moron’s think it is cute to just call anyone a spook now, missing the point. It is not working, the signal is spreading at the speed of light. Bitcoiners seek the truth by nature.

There is still a certain raw element left in bitcoin twitter, something that reminds me of the early internet in the 2000’s. Web 1.0 before social media took down forums and IRC’s relevance. The attention whores have shown up, and are genuinely curious how their modern fiat tactics are not effective on bitcoiners. How they get called out on their agenda. Culture is changed from the bottom up. The fiat pendulum has swung so far that it is starting to come back, but still has a large delta between it and bitcoin. It is easier for them to cope than to accept the truth. Most people would much rather hear a comfortable lie than the uncomfortable truth, but society will now be built on the truth once hyperbtc takes off and we have all the power. It is like how AOC says that anyone that disagrees with her just is upset that they cannot date her. This is how delusional these dishonest courtesans (DC’s) are. These DC’s and western commies (WC’s) will either get in line, or starve. It goes back to not understanding leverage. They think that we need them, when they need us. Panic mode time. Sink or swim. Probably sink. The world is about to get a lot more “fair,” just not in the way they think.