Team Supercycle

"All your models are broken." Use critical thinking skills. Past cycles do not matter. They were in an entirely different macro environment. People like Saylor and El Presidente were not buying the dips publicly in the past. Hodling (with your own private keys) is using bitcoin, it helps limit the available supply. Or keep listening to the 3 data point experts. Entirely up to you; free will. Bitcoin is repricing the world regardless if one adopts it or not. The S curve adoption will continue either way. Metcalfe’s Law.

Number Go Up

Regardless of what the try hards say, number go up is the most important aspect of bitcoin. It is the engine that powers everything else. In economics, price is determined by supply and demand. The supply is fixed, predetermined, and will decrease forever. The only variable is demand, which is clearly increasing as the world wakes up to the need for bitcoin.

Mostly Signal

Leading Foresight. Few. It is hard to put bitcoiners in a box, as it requires an interdisciplinary background to adequately understand what is going on right now. Especially what the solution is. At the same time, be careful shilling pearls to swine. No good deed goes unpunished. We have the solution that everyone needs, start acting like it.

FUD Buster

There is no new FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt). Just the same old tired takes. Be careful getting shaken out by the fudsters. They want cheap sats. Or they are soy, and do not understand bitcoin's game theory and macroeconomics. Many blue pill's are projecting, hoping they get a second, second chance at buying bitcoin cheap. "Everyone is a scammer."