Bitcoin’s Eternal September

As we have recently seen with #flatassgate, and now with the diversity virtue signaling on twitter, bitcoin has entered its own Eternal…

Bitcoin’s Eternal September 

As we have recently seen with #flatassgate, and now with the diversity virtue signaling on twitter, bitcoin has entered its own Eternal September. It is important to understand that the early internet was a vastly different place than it is today. Early internet adopters were largely from relatively privileged technical backgrounds, that were building the future when everyone thought they were crazy. Sound familiar? 

Eternal September was where early 1990’s university students would get their first access to the internet as freshmen, and would join Usenet. This was an early discussion system that has become less popular over the years as the web grew in favor. These students were noobs to the Usenet subculture, and this infuriated many of the more veteran users on the network. It is important to remember that the internet was still largely an idea back then, and did not resemble anything like it does today. It was slow and clunky. 

From the early Usenet user’s perspective, they did not look forward to every September when the students joined in mass for the first time. It is called Eternal September because eventually Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), such as AOL, started offering the Usenet service to their customers, and Usenet was quickly overran by people that could not care less about whatever norms may or may not have existed from the nerds prior to them gaining access to this new world. The same thing is now happening in bitcoin. There are many individuals that have adopted bitcoin in the last year or two that are still heavily plugged into the matrix, and are slowly learning that this subculture is a bit different than other subcultures they may have been in before. The discussions that occur on bitcoin twitter are not for the faint of heart. 

As a result of this convergence between the pre-covid bitcoin subculture and mainstream normies, the woke normie politics have begun to infect the bitcoin subculture that has formed over the years. Prior to bitcoin’s Eternal September, the bitcoin subculture which was pretty ruthless and cut throat, similar to 4chan, but with a bit of linkedin rebellion as well. In the bitcoin ethos, ideas mattered above all else. Nym’s are built in, hello Satoshi. They say it’s impossible to be anon online, but no one knows who Satoshi is still. 

The bitcoin ethos is related to Austrian economics, Ayn Rand style. The individual over the collective. The truth matters more than popularity, or ego boosting. Coindesk even called out my piece on the cryptofinally drama, which is quite amusing that a supposedly popular New York based company is spending their time commenting on bitcoin twitter drama. #Flatassgate even made Wired recently, so clearly the fight is on. They are trying to get their way with continuing to control the narratives, to infiltrate the bitcoin twitter community. Many do not appreciate the reach and impact of bitcoin twitter. People are reading, the signal is spreading. They cannot stop the free press, even if it has to come from randoms on twitter. Every American gets the same first amendment privileges, whether it is my site or the Wall Street Journal. 

Cancel Culture

The fact that the social justice mob has arrived in bitcoin twitter is not a surprise to rando, it was inevitable. I have witnessed this collectivist cancer that has been growing for years first hand, in both university and my career. As with anything, to understand how we got here, it is important to understand where we came from. 

The African slaves were sold by their own people into the Jewish owned slave trade. They would trade glass beads, which they could easily make with their more advanced technology than Africans could (Remember the bitcoin standard?) for slaves. So while obviously slavery is immoral, it was ethical at the time (that’s why it occurred), and if you want to blame anyone for it, the tiny hats and African’s slave owners are good places to start. 

Just because actual history is not taught in the [compulsory] public schools, does not mean it did not happen. Slavery was then a central issue to the Civil War, with the south wanting to keep it going. The Democrats wanted to keep the status quo; they enjoyed their slaves picking their cotton fields. It did not go the dem’s way, as Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1860’s after the end of the war. They also do not teach is that after Lincoln freed the slaves, many slaves chose to remain on the plantations, as they did not want the responsibility that came with freedom, similar to the western commies. Once the Democrats lost that battle to keep slavery legal, they realized that if these former slaves were going to vote, they might as well vote democrat. The irony is strong with all the urban voters who keep voting blue even though their lives keep getting materially worse after. That is how Trump beat Killary, after all, pointing out these ironies. 

After the Democrats lost the Civil War and had to free their slaves, the next major events were the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote, breaking down the family unit, and the Civil Rights movement in the 1950’s, where the playing field began to be leveled and men were considered equal, regardless of race. The tiny hats further weaponized the feminine chaos with the sexual liberation movement (Thanks Rockefellers), also adding another tax payer to the system, and having the sexes fight each other, rather than complement (Divide and conquer, depopulation). Since then, the pendulum has swung towards reparations. John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 in 1961, which stated it would “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.” This executive order essentially kicked off the woke politics that has only ramped up since. Merit no longer mattered above all else, there was now a pesky asterisk involved.

Corporate America has long had [soft] hiring quotas to select specific people for jobs, such as women, minorities, etc. in the name of diversity. After all, they are connected to the money printer. This irony is also strong, as these woke policies may output a diverse set of skin tones and sexual identities, but they do not output a diverse set of opinions. The other ironic part is that these woke Corporations will support gay pride month with their western facing brands, but not dare waive rainbow flags around their eastern clients in fear of losing business ($$$). These executives at international corporations primarily lean far left, and collectively think the same crazy Marxist ideas that have never worked in history. In their eyes, the world would be such a better place if people like them just had total control over everything, so they could properly implement their ideals. On the right, the modern conservative is no match for this threat. Getting called a racist is their biggest fear. Sleep with their wives, anything but getting called a racist.

Pfizer is not about that life. 
Seeing a trend.

Asians Speak Out

The American dream is more internationally sought out than ever, and there are Asian Americans who are outscoring everyone, including whites, and are still losing out to other races that score much lower than them due to affirmative action based quotas. Once these students graduate and enter Corporate America, it only continues. If executives do not buy into these discriminatory hiring practices, they will not be perceived as “company men” at best, or racist/misogynist at worst. No one that has any power or authority within the organization is going to call out this madness as unethical or illegal. It is all about the benjamins. If the guy signing your paycheck is telling you to add more women and minorities to your team, or else you may not like the outcome, the executive will play ball. They easily get accustomed to these high end lifestyles; it is hard to go back in life once you have had a taste of the good life. “Principles are worthless.” -Raoul Pal. 

Casa CEO Virtue Signaling on Twitter

Can’t We All Just Get Along

I’m not saying companies should not hire minorities and women, far from it. My mother has a higher IQ (150) than my father. I believe in merit, the best person should get the job, regardless what their skin tone, sex, or what political class they support. It is condescending to the applicant if you think they require a handicap just to compete. That is essentially what the central planners are implying with their policies. That certain races can not score as high as other races and still get into a better school because of “diversity.” In the tiny hats minds, they had to pivot. From their perspective, it is not in the name of reparations, in the name of a color revolution. To divide and conquer. It is the most convenient move for the tiny hats to destroy the USA from within, so they can usher in their new world order. After all, they can print money out of thin air, and call the shots over anyone that wants free money. They have the leverage when morality is subjective in a fiat world. It is easy to see how they get people to do anything they want, like going along with the covid vaccine genocide. The doctors have bills to pay, too. This is par for the course. 

Is it misogynistic to have a handicap policy that a certain percentage of leadership positions must have ovaries (or is that even a woman?). As if that was the most important thing to worry about when determining who can help run a profitable business. Well, it is if they want that to play ball with these central banks and woke governments. There is a reason why all these major corporations all operate in a similar fashion. They are all taking orders from above. The customer is not king in the fiat world, where money can be printed to infinity out of thin air by a small group of men. The people that control the money printers are kings, until bitcoin, that is. 

Take a look at Silicon Valley. They all basically think the same way, collectivists that think they know best for everyone. It is easy to see in their policies, they censor people they disagree with, and they promote people that agree with them. The algorithms are not magic. They are programmed by humans. Going viral is not some random organic thing; they determine who is going to blow up, and who is going to be suppressed. They even censored and deplatformed the prior President in the United States, Donald Trump. 

The idea that the best person should get the position based on merit is the way the world ought to be, but sadly it is not the way things are in both university admissions as well as Corporate America. In the ESG modern collectivist culture, one must at least pretend to align with these communist ideals if they are to go anywhere working for these organizations. 

Stack pointing out the irony

These admissions and hiring quotas were a bitter pill for rando to swallow. The same woke politics that were ruining the university system were even worse in Corporate America. In bitcoin, satoshi stayed anonymous, and no one knows what race/sex he/she is. The only thing that mattered was the code worked, and solved a real world problem. The double spend issue without a central authority problem was solved elegantly for the first time. These realizations of both fiat and bitcoin eventually led to rando going all office space, and not caring about anything fiat related, focusing on bitcoin. The fiat world must burn before one can rebuild. Atlas Shrugged status, where the productive members of society are tired of being taken for granted by the looters. 

The End

Bitcoin is still early enough that these woke politics have not ruined it yet. People can stand up for what they believe in, and not fear being canceled or worrying about their livelihood to the same degree. This is new. This comes with uncensorable money. Prior to bitcoin, if anyone ever got out of line, they would cancel them to send a message. For people to shut their mouths. Now, they cannot just freeze our assets and starve us into submission, if the individual has private keys to bitcoin. Individuals have a chance at fighting against the collective. They don’t need anything from anyone. They are not slaves. Bitcoin represents rules without rulers.

So now that the stage is set, bitcoin is the perfect target for the woke affirmative action mob to attack. It stands for everything they despise. Doing what you want, having no one tell you what you can do, no one being able to stop you from transacting, from freezing your funds, from reversing transactions of those that are “forbidden.” Just look at how most Canadians were acting during the trucker convoy. They were cheering on the State freezing their bank accounts. These Western Commies have no problem watching the State take everything from you if you do not believe in what they believe in. They get off on it. The state is just outsourced violence. Something they would never do themselves, they have no issue watching the State do with their approval.

Bitcoin is now in the big leagues. It is not longer an experiment where you could buy drugs off the internet and no one could stop you. I mean, you could still do that (Can’t stop an idea #freeross), but it is much bigger now. Now, it is making central banks, specifically the Federal Reserve, nervous. The final boss. They are even attacking a tiny African country that barely has electricity access for their choice in embracing bitcoin. 

((They)) are afraid of a tiny country with 15% electricity in Africa adopting it as their currency.

They would not be worried if they were adopting ethereum or some other centralized shitcoin that they could easily control. Bitcoin is actually decentralized. They cannot control it, so they have a big reason why they should be upset. That is a big change from the status quo where they are the banker in Monopoly. They had to pivot, and try to infiltrate the space; to change it from within. To align its culture with the mainstream woke culture. 

I am writing this article to state that we must resist this woke nonsense. We must at least try to keep the culture relatively pure, free from this affirmative action collectivist culture. If we do not fight this cancer, it will spread. Bitcoin will be absorbed by this quickly, and this subculture may be lost forever. While bitcoin will not change, bitcoiners will. There are only so many yachts we can water ski behind in the future. This is bigger than any high time preference materialism; this is fighting for a better future. For every bitcoin company that openly participates in this commie mindset, they must be shamed. They must be mocked. Let them get the mid candidates, as long as the best keep going to companies that hold more aligned principles.

Beggars cannot be choosers. There are only so many people that are willing and able to meet these job requisitions. If they limit it further to not include white men, they are only hurting themselves long term. White men built the world we live in, and are ((their)) greatest threat to their Babylonian money magic scam. If these companies continue to go down this path, they will end up having to pick from Western Commies who cannot actually do anything well, other than showing up, maybe. Sometimes. The bare minimum. These are not the types of people you want involved when dealing with sound money. The mistakes here are permanent. No one can bail you out. If they hire average morons who do not even understand remotely how bitcoin works, all the customers will in a way be impacted by that decision. It is hard enough to survive in the digital age by hiring based on merit. Once the woke commie culture gets involved, there is no chance. It is just data breaches, downtime, bugs, and misery. Going to zero, quickly. Just ask the Celsius victims. Not your keys. But that is expected when you hired based on how good their blowjobs are, like porn star Jessica Khater as head of lending. Apparently we are not even allowed to shame pornstars any longer; I refuse. The simps and cucks will not silence rando. 

It is not too late. We do not have to go down this path of darkness. We know where it ends up. Bloated companies that do not innovate, that are afraid to make changes, afraid to pivot, that feed off the government. How credit worthy is the United States Government? If you ask a normie investor, they would laugh. They would say it is risk free. If you ask a bitcoiner, you’d get a different answer. The last fiat standing ($), yes, but still fiat. Still going to go to zero, faster than the masses think. Is that really the foundation that one wants to build their companies culture on? If forward thinking, if not falling for recency bias, it is a bad decision. It is only going to lead to criticism from the people that understand, and temporary support from those that will not be there in the future. From those that do not actually have any principles. Is that the bet you really want to make? Companies like Casa are saying yes, they just need to live to fight another day and their VC backers are expecting a certain narrative. Just remember, you are no longer allowed to discuss the tiny hats, the covid vax genocide, or anything else the state calls a conspiracy theory. Bitcoin is mainstream now bro, the orange pill influencers would cover that stuff if it were true. 

Casa’s Virtue Signaling Resulted in More VC Funding. Mission accomplished. 

-ghost rando