The Dishonest Courtesan

Many bitcoiner’s point to the “fourth turning” as if this is the end all be all book to understand what is going on right now. There are…

The Dishonest Courtesan

Many bitcoiner’s point to the “fourth turning” as if this is the end all be all book to understand what is going on right now. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it is herd mentality and the inability to question narratives that may be unpopular. This all comes down to cycles. Most people are used to short term cycles, as they have seen many different variants of them throughout their lives. What they are not comfortable with are long term cycles, as they have no first hand experience dealing with them. They think that what they have seen is all there could ever be, without understanding that this is simply a fallacy, and they must zoom out and understand history in a broader context to have any idea what is currently going on right now. Modern feminism was used as a eugenics tool to break apart the family unit, make women unable to pair bond with their mates and children, and ultimately reduce population growth to more “sustainable” levels by leaving these brainwashed women unable to procreate.

The current dating environment in the western world is toxic. Apps such as tinder and bumble have given females that they have the illusion of any option that they want. That they can have their cake and eat it too, they can use sex to get what they want when they are young with stallions, drug dealers, DJ’s, pizza guys, professors, and then eventually settle down with an even higher value male. All the looks they are used to but also with a fat sack of money. I mean, after all, it happened to that horse faced Sara Jessica Parker on their favorite unrealistic show, Sex and the City. Every 49'er (A four that thinks shes a nine) thinks that the top 10% good looking men all want them. Pareto's principle, 20% of the men are “dating” 80% of the women. What they don’t understand is yes, they do want them, for a quick pump and dump. They do not want them for a committed relationship, why would they? They already get the milk for free with no effort. There is no reason to buy the cow. Plus, men do not respect women that give it up that easily. It is not a skill for a female to get laid, but rather a red flag if she does it with multiple partners without being in a relationship.

No high value man wants to settle down with a promiscuous female, this is a fact. The Chad’s and the rich guys can get any girl they want, where as the average guys must all accept the scraps. This has been going on for at least the past 10 years with the growth of smart phones and internet. A small town 7 can now get flown out to Miami for a weekend and get her back blown out by an NBA player simply by being on instagram. The “hypergamy” has never been this distributed. Female’s human nature matched up with the internet and the soy PC culture was a recipe for misery. So it is no wonder why the guys that were turned down by these girls are not settling for them now that the clock is ticking and they are getting desperate. They can no longer use the state (marriage) in order to seize resources from men to lead their “independent” lives. The courts cannot crack bitcoin private keys and reappropriate those assets to the poor, innocent female victims. Oh how the turn tables…

Western Female Psychology

Women are herd creatures. They are only cognizant of what other girls they like are doing. If she dresses up, she is trying to impress your friend’s girlfriend, not you. This is how they all sold their kitties for $3.99 a month on OnlyFans after their favorite influencers shilled it. They did not care that the men they were fooling around with warned them that it would ruin their lives. They did not ask their non-existent fathers what their thoughts were on the issue, as they know they would simply lie if exposed. They have no moral compass anyways from being raised as a princess that can get anything she wants as long as she cries and makes a fuss about it, great wifey qualities. High time preference decisions. They heard that you could make six figures a month doing it, so clearly they could too! Math be damned. Now they have an OF 1099 they will have to try to explain for the rest of their lives. To the streets they go. The female psychology behind this is that the original OF girls learned the hard way that it was a bad decision and only led to harassment, threats, sexual assault, and irl prostitution. Rather than accept this L, they encouraged the younger girls to make the same decisions and also ruin their lives. Misery loves company. This aspect is uniquely female. Men would warn younger men of a relevant topic so they would not have to make the same mistake again.

“Where are all the good men? Don’t forget to check out my boobs!”

In the past, such as in Modern Venice (1600's), there were three paths for women. The first and most envious path was to be a wife. The richer the better. A nobleman was the prize for the top women of the day. What qualified a top woman? Well the first thing was chastity. No woman that was not a virgin would be deemed worthy of landing a nobleman. It was black and white. Other traits included beauty and coming from wealthy families. A dowry was common. The second path was to become a nun. After all, there were only so many men that were capable of providing the good life for their wives, it is all math and probabilities. The third path for women was to become a courtesan (prostitute). This path was the least appealing, for obvious reasons, but they tried to spruce it up as much as they could with benefits. For example, courtesans were the only females that were able to obtain a higher education. The men knew that if their wives filled their brains with too many ideas that were not beneficial to their goals, and this would only add stress and pain to their lives. Raising their kin was their number one goal, not the modern western narrative that they are equal to men and they should be strong independent women. Strong families are a threat to the status quo, as it is hard to convince someone to promote communism when they are not poor and desperate.

Back to cycles. We recently ended a cycle where resources were abundant and created out of thin air. High time preference reigned supreme. One could take easy student loans, live the high life for four years with no concerns in mind, and then 10 years later complain that it isn’t fair and someone else should have to pay their loans. Girls did not need to worry about resources, so they were free to sleep around care free with whoever made their stink boxes wet. Now we are entering a cycle where resources are extremely scarce (bitcoin standard), and these high time preference decisions are going to have generational impacts. The return of kings. Bitcoiners that sacrificed will have the leverage to choose whoever they want. This will flip the dynamic from the past decade where the females had all the options. For example, while tinder is clearly in the female’s favor (free sex), as we are headed into a hustle economy where these hoes do not simply want to give it away for free anymore, they will probably check out seeking. The issue here is more unrealistic expectations. On seeking, there is money involved. The men have all the leverage. There are 9's and 10's everywhere, and they are all young. This is the competition that they are thinking they are better than for a rich guy to date. There are about 10 sugar babies per paid seeking account, so at best they have a very poor shot at landing a rich guy. That same small town 7 that had her back blown out in Miami that is now approaching 30 and cannot land a sugar daddy like she assumed, “why are guys so broke?!” she asks angrily. The data on this is all public. They are just going from one unrealistic goal to another, only to be later hit in the face with a dose of reality.

Dueling Sexes

Remember, men and women are different. We are supposed to balance each other out. The masculine versus feminine energies. The modern feminist agenda that has gained so much traction in the west tries to flip this basic fact on its head. The feminists think that women can be just as masculine as men, they can lead companies, they can sleep around without emotion, they can do whatever they want. The reality, as we are seeing play out in real time, is that women are very unhappy when trying to act like men. They have to force this masculine energy, and they do not like it. Ultimately, they want to be led by men, not to lead. Leading is foreign to feminine nature. Men on the other hand have had to adopt a weak, feminized role as a result of feminism to try to fit in. No man wants to be labeled a misogynist, so they go along with the charade, even though most of them know deep down that this is all just nonsense.

There is always a long line to hear comfortable lies, but the line to hear the uncomfortable truths is almost always empty. These western women were raised in an environment that taught them they could do no wrong. That they were princesses. That it was men’s responsibility to worship the ground they walked on. And many men fell for this disney narrative as well, who were also brainwashed by the same lies and did not have the right parenting needed in order to steer them in the right direction.

Reality Check

This path is only leading one way, and that is not marriage. It is the way of the dishonest courtesan. They will be an actual or unpaid hooker for their prime years on the down low. When they age out, and can no longer compete with the younger kitties, they will then repent their whorish ways, and act like it never happened and they are now pure. That they can now be the wife that every man wants. But that is not how female biology works. They are used up by that point. Why would a high value guy settle for a used up whore when he could have a chaste youthful girl? Men looking to settle down are looking primarily at beauty and fertility. If 90% of her eggs are gone, it will be difficult for her to ever have kids. By 35, it is considered a geriatric pregnancy due to being such high risk. The scary thing is when I tell females this basic biology, they argue with me! LOL. NGMI.

The people that made good choices the last ten years will be able to benefit from this major cycle change. The people that made bad choices will have to pay dearly for those high time preference decisions. This is part of each soul’s karmic journey. Had these western commies made sacrifices, and saved and invested their money, they would not be in such dire positions that they are today. If they knew that they were not really qualified for college and they were merely using it as a four year vacation from the real world, they could have started their careers in bartending and construction much earlier and not be crippled by all that compounding debt.

Many men only learn the hard way. They turn into these creepy bald dudes that think they are alpha but they have just been burned by their ex-wives and never got over it. The real alpha would not get himself in the situation in the first place for a succubus to ruin their lives. They would have known better before putting themselves in such a high risk, low reward situation. It is always better to prevent something from happening than to detect and correct it after the fact.

We are now at a fork in the road where people can either keep going down this path of darkness, fighting biology and the way that we have evolved over thousands of years in order to try to favor what they know from a recency bias in their short lifetimes, or accept natural law. They can double down on their brainwashing and keep their unrealistic expectations, the intent from the central planners. This is about population control, as the vaccines are, and this degenerate culture has clearly led to low birth and marriage rates, high depression and drug use, and both sexes overall being more unhappy than ever, even with all the modern comforts that now exist. Once birth control was invented, it took away the risk for western females to sleep around without getting pregnant, playing God with their own reproductive systems. The modern feminist movement is directly related to depopulation, not just some well intended accident where they wanted the best for women. They even studied this with rats before where they were given everything and no longer needed men anymore, called universe 25.

The intelligent will see that the way forward is returned to the traditional values of the past, where cuckoldry and porn were shunned from society, and while whores were certainly a presence, there was no delusion where they thought they could have their cake and eat it too. They never once thought they could land a noblemen after their “hoe phases” and repent like someone is going to save them. No one is coming to save them. Life is hard. The men that they aspire to land to procreate with have already moved on to more fertile, less damaged stock. This is why these bitter women will promote this lifestyle, they do not want anyone else to have the happiness that they think they deserve, even though they made material errors in their own lives. These painful lessons will be learned one way or another. There is no way that this current situation is sustainable, and it is clearly on its way out. “He gets mad when I tell him about my past. But he also gets mad when I lie about it and then he finds out! What do?” -modern womenz