The Western Commie

The Kyle Rittenhouse case has put the color revolution into its next phase. It was a refresher for the public to remember what happened…

The Western Commie

Covid 1984 — Show me your papers! 

The Kyle Rittenhouse case has put the color revolution into its next phase. It was a refresher for the public to remember what happened last summer with the Antifa and black lives matter riots and looting. That eventful night is where those three western commies solidified their legacies as drains on society, contributing nothing of value. How one responds to this case was a good IQ test, as it really exposed just how crazy the deranged left has become in recent years. If someone was on any side other than Kyle is innocent, they are a smooth brain. This includes the “well he should not have been there anyways” people, as they miss the point. Should the western commies have been there too? 

Why should the western commies have the right to burn cities down if they feel like it? I.e. destroy other individual’s private property. They must get society to believe that it is not worth defending private property with the threat of violence, and even death. In communism, there is no such thing as private property, the State owns everything. Thus, the tragedy of the commons occurs, where everything gets run down and dilapidated, as no one cares enough to take care of anything they do not individually own. The collective is nice in theory, but ultimately society thrives when the individual thrives. If someone does not believe you should be able to defend your private property, they are likely marxists, and will have no problems watching the government come and seize your wealth. They will cheer it on. That is literally their slogan, tax the rich. As their representatives become rich themselves, by selling their souls in Washington DC, Hollywood, and Wall Street. Pelosi is the best stock trader ever. 

Western commie’s show that they do not even have a rudimentary understanding of the law, and yet they are so confident that their world view is right, and everyone else that has a different opinion is wrong. They are still plugged into the matrix. They are products of the compulsory education system in America, that would make the former USSR blush with how blatant the programming is. Fat, feminist commie teacher’s produce worthless commie students, creating a vicious circle. These same issues are also plaguing the justice system. Law school’s are progressive freak factories now, which are producing the unhinged lawyers and judges that operate the justice system. 

There are not just three arms of the government: executive, legislative, and judicial. No. There is a fourth arm, the mainstream media. The media (and the government) is controlled by the money changers, who have their own agendas they are promoting, rather than what is in the citizens own best interests. This fourth arm of government had a much more powerful role in the past, before the internet became mainstream. Prior generations grew up under the MSM’s spell, and had little hope to discover hidden truths, such as who is behind the curtain. Boomers still watch the TV as their gospel. If it is not on TV, it is not happening. 

On that Fateful Day

Let’s illustrate the scene the took place that historic night in Wisconsin. This case is unique for a big mainstream case, as it was live tweeted. The State was unable censor the truth from getting out to the public thanks to social media, and their narratives quickly fell apart once the trial started. Imagine if OJ was captured on camera and it was live streamed on twitter, would he have walked free? Public perception would have been slightly different at best. This is why the 5–0 has to wear body cams now, because when they know they are being watched, they act differently (reduces abuse of power). Even with the clear video footage of what happened, many people still thought Kyle was in the wrong. They believe that these upstanding individuals just wanted to have a nice chat with Kyle. It was not a mob at all. 

The [objective] reality is that the commies clearly were trying to perform mob justice on him, but Kyle’s .223 lead had something else to say about it. Don’t bring a skateboard to a gun fight. A clear self defense case, the fact that it even went to trial is just evidence that they were using this as a political case to further their color revolution agenda. Kyle represents everything the commies detest, a freedom loving American that stands up for what is right. With commies, they are okay with violence as long as it is used for their side. They consider it morally just, something necessary that must be done for the “greater good” and in order to achieve their ends. There is no commie revolution without violence. It is central to the narrative. Rich people bad! No, certain rich people are bad, just like certain poor people are bad. Authoritarians bad. Liberals (in the classical sense) good

I am simply mentioning the Kyle case in the broader context of the western commie youth. The Antifa scumbags burning cars and causing havoc are not unique. The poors looting designer brands believe they deserve nice things, even though they clearly cannot afford them. Reparations. There are millions of people that think like this in this country, even if they may not go to those ends to get their message across. These western commies are merely useful idiots; they will be taken out as soon as they are no longer necessary. The tyrant leaders know they are weak, cannot think for themselves, and are not a threat

The Only Thing That Stays the Same is Change

As a millennial, I see life through the lens of someone that was born before the internet largely infiltrated every aspect of our lives, while still having a fundamental stem background. As a child, I knew computers would change everything, but they had not changed everything yet. As I observe people I grew up with struggle on the hamster wheel in an insurmountable amount of student loan and credit card debt, I see everyone around me misinterpret what is actually going on, why it is happening, who is accountable, and what the solution is. Noise is everywhere, and signal is rarer than ever, despite the widespread adoption of the internet and smart phones. They would rather use this technology to consume trash, rather than obtain knowledge. Normies blind spots are becoming glaringly obvious, and they are desperately waiting for someone to tell them that everything is going to be okay if they keep doing nothing and “trusting the science.” 

With the creation of government backed student loans in the 1960's, the “college experience” became obtainable to everyone with a pulse; they just have to be willing to sign their lives away for lifelong debt servitude. No need for families and individuals to save for it anymore, no need to work or sacrifice for it, just sign on the dotted line and no one is turned down, since the lending risk is removed by the government. This means every participation trophy midwit that was told how special they were is now going to pursue one of the various worthless degrees they are actually smart enough to obtain. After all, they think “all degrees are the same.” They are all about equality of outcome. Winners make losers feel inadequate, and we cannot have that. We must protect their feels. Western commies eventually realize they are never going to pay them off while working at Starbucks, so they then demand them to be forgiven and blindly support any politician that caters to the lowest common denominator, Bernie Bro’s. They fall for whatever politician promises them student loan forgiveness. The reality is that the western commies cannot have it both ways. You either sacrifice now, or sacrifice later. Obtaining the very real American dream is not possible without loads of it. 

Western commies would have never got their student loans underwritten and approved otherwise. Who is going to give a 18 year old with no credit history $150,000 for a sociology degree unless the government removes the risk from the lender (master), so the borrower (slave) cannot default on it like other loans, where they can simply take back the collateral, such as a house. I.e. if the borrower cannot pay their mortgage (Meaning death pledge in latin), the bank can simply repossess the asset [with the States help, if needed] and liquidate it (foreclosure). They cannot do that with a college degree. The bank may as well burn that money on fire, because it is never being paid back organically when they make $15/hour after graduation in an inflationary environment. In addition, the value of a degree got watered down as a result of all these midwits that entered the university system instead of going straight into the work force. By all these girls that are brainwashed into believing it is empowering to be a slave to corporations, and forgo their most fertile years and best chance to ever land a husband. They were programmed from birth to think they could do anything they wanted, but it turns out that their parents, teachers, and the government was simply lying to them. They ended up graduating university without any practical skills that employers that pay high salaries are looking for. The student loan debt, however, is compounding regardless. Hook, line, and sinker. 

Covid was not some random, unexpected event. The response is not a well intended consequence that has merely has gone off course due to incompetence, like the “woke” normies on bitcoin twitter would like you to believe. It has been planned for decades, even centuries. The plan is well underway. The low time preference ruling class has waited for this very moment. Two long term cycles have converged: the 80 year/4th turning cycle, which is the average human life and long term debt cycle, as well as the pluto/250 year cycle. The last time this happened was formation of America, leading up to the American Revolution in 1776. The fourth turning/human life cycle 80 years ago was the Stock Market Crash, and resulting Great Depression, as well as the Holocaust. Periods of great change. That is why everything is so crazy right now. It was planned this way. The convergence of these long term cycles is the perfect moment for the money changers/illuminati/WEF to implement their Great Reset agenda. 

Notice the trend? Superpower’s tend to last 250 years. 1776 (Independence day) + 250 years = 2026. 

The money changers understand cycles, and utilize Babylonian Money-Magick to help ensure their plan is most effective, i.e. creating money out of thin air via debt creation, and charging compounding interest on that debt. The central planners are using long and short term cycles to their benefit to make investment, business, and world domination decisions. Nothing is absolutely determined; there is a random element as well as a deterministic element to every human action. “They” do not want normies [purebloods] to know about their inherent superpowers; that we are divine beings created in God’s image. They do not want us to free ourselves from the invisible chains (debt). “They” do not want us to figure out that all usury is evil and immoral. All inflation is theft. Technology should bring deflationary benefits to all, and it will on a bitcoin standard. Everything is already getting repriced in bitcoin terms, whether western commies like it or not. 

Covid 1984 is happening because technology has finally matured to the point where the majority of human labor is no longer necessary, and we have the technology to start playing God with DNA programming. The money changers have already preconditioned us for this in the 1997 film “Gattaca,” as well as the 2005 film “The Island.” To illustrate why this is not crazy, say an ant colony got 90% more efficient through the use of technology, and they no longer need that many worker ants to maintain the collective. The queen ant would make the decision to wipe out the redundant ants, so the rest of them could thrive. The most fit, the most useful ants could live under more luxurious conditions, filled with more leisure and less work. If the queen figured out how to eliminate disease, and other unwanted qualities in DNA by experimenting on the redundant ants, all the better. 

All living creatures have DNA. All of God’s creations. The money changers are trying to play God, by modifying the human genome sequence, and we know how it usually ends when one tries to play God. Cancerous results. Like farm raised salmon versus wild caught. Purebloods win. The rRNA vaccines are evidence that technology has gotten to the level where humans can actually modify their DNA. The money changers are testing out how to program human DNA on the serfs, the lab rats. This is why the covaids infected bitcoiners are coping so hard now. They got bested by the money changers. The men behind the curtain. DNA is evidence of intelligent design, creationism. Human DNA is so complicated that no man could possibly understand how to create it. This is the battle that is going on right now, people either having faith in their creator, or choosing a false prophet.

Fiat Clown World

Debt slavery = invisible chains 

The western commie, like everyone, is a product of their environment. From an early age, they were plugged into the fiat matrix where they were destined to be a debt slave. They are unable to think for themselves and challenge any official narrative. Just smart enough to show up for work everyday and not ask any important questions. If their parents are cucked sheep boomers, that is what they will learn as normal. If a western commies mom is a Karen, she will turn into a Karen, just with 10x more miles and most likely a salvage title. The Rockefeller’s funded the women's liberation movement to both get another tax payer as well as gain access to their kids, as the mother would no longer be able to stay at home to raise her children. This job would be outsourced to the State and its compulsory school system they also influenced, which is nothing more than propaganda. Bitcoiners think they are up to something special with homeschooling instead of public schooling, but listening to them speak leads me to believe that they will just keep the same propaganda going, just at home instead. They will teach the same lies as facts, since they still believe them. It is hard to unplug. 

Inflation of the money supply has also led to this dual income household environment, as few men can afford to have their wives not work, especially with their material tastes. Kids will be programmed to be western commies and dishonest courtesans by default, by shear proximity. WC’s and DC’s lack moral principles in the household growing up. This is basic psychology and biology. For example, if a child is raised by a crackhead with no moral compass, they will think that behavior is normal. Perception is reality. A crackhead’s child will also likely have no moral compass. They will be hustling to survive, and will likely not even complete high school. This example would most likely skip the dishonest courtesan path and go straight into hoeing. At least it is honest. 

 The most influential years in a humans life are from 1–7 years old. This is why the money changers target kids (besides that they are sexually attracted to them, and need the adrenochr0me). It is important to note the government’s role in the development of children. It is like how parents do not want their children to be friends with certain kids, due to their perceived negative influence. I.e. if a kid is smoking marijuana and cutting class as a teenager, they may also influence their friends to also make related bad decisions. They know that if they can win them over early, they will likely be able to control them for life. Custody battles over children occur in family courts, which generally provide a strong incentive for females to file for divorce, rather than stay married. In the west with no fault divorces, they could leave the husband for any reason and obtain both alimony and child support, with threat of jail time if he does not comply. This goes back to the monopoly the state has on violence. Bitcoin fixes this. Few. 

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” -Mayer Amschel Rothschild

When the cost of money is free and it takes no energy to create, the money changers can print up money out of nothing, and lend it out to the goyim for usury compounding interest. The western commies end up in debt slavery due to their high time preference material decisions, and a small group of people, the money changers that get the privilege of printing money, end up owning almost everything. Usury. Malinvestment is pervasive everywhere. Wealth will always end up concentrating into the hands of a small group who is closest to this banking cartel, the Cantillon effect. This is why the Jews were exiled from every land they ever lived. It is not some coincidence, and they were all merely misunderstood, like the mainstream morons would prefer you to believe. 

The Khazarian Mafia (Rothschild's) are masters at deception, and identity theft. They worship their own God’s, Moloch and Ba’al. They only eventually adopted Judaism after the Russian Czar forced them to pick one of the three major religions, and to stop performing their satanic ritual abuse ways, including child sacrifice. Going deeper, all of the major religions have been infiltrated and corrupted. The Crusade’s were linked to this as well. The Khazar’s assume other’s identities to remain hidden. The Palestinian’s are the actual semites. Few. Remember, Christians were not allowed to charge interest according to their religion, but this did not apply to the Jewish religion. So the Khazar’s, knowing they needed to charge interest, adopted Judaism over Christianity. Eyes Wide Shut type parties. Epstein and his friends. That is outside the Overton Window though, and not something that will be mentioned in regards to the Maxwell trial. Most bitcoiners on twitter are too naive to understand the level of darkness that runs the world, even though bitcoin shines the light on it directly by not allowing central banker’s to inflate and reset the money supply. No more bail outs, which is the name of the game with central banking. There is a very clear and distinct reason why every society on earth has had issues with the money changers. They are historically parasites, with no moral compass. Debt slavery is still slavery. They even owned the slave ships and largely ran the slave trade. They don’t teach that in the public schools though. 

We are currently witnessing the end of the American empire; Weimar Republic/Fall of Rome vibes. Companies that lose money with no hope of ever achieving a profit are pumped to the moon on Wall Street with money printed out of thin air. When the elite get caught, they just change the rules, like when they were overexposed to meme stock shorts earlier this year. They just called their friends, and trading was halted so they could unwind their losing positions. Robinhood’s business model is just selling order flow to upstream firms, who tell them what is what. The western commies trading hundreds of dollars do not call the shots in the fiat casino. The wallstreet bets redditors were too naive to think that this would not happen. You cannot beat them at their own game. The stock market is a casino, and Wall Street is the house. The house always wins. This has never been more obvious and in the covid era. Real world performance is completely disconnected from price, as the central banker’s have completely manipulated the cost of capital down to zero. What the “elite” do is not exactly all that complicated, and community college drop outs on reddit proved they can figure it out too. It is more about how close you are to the money printer than anything else, in the fiat system. People on Wall Street rely on exclusivity, like where they went to school, who their family is, etc., rather than raw intellect or skills. The elite yuppie by Croesus nailed this in his article. I know many like that, that refused to listen to me about bitcoin, and missed out on early gains as a result. Their fault. Can’t save them all. Everyone has the amount of bitcoin that they deserve. 

Boomer value investors are watching bitcoin with no idea what is going on, as they were never taught the plumbing of the financial system. They watch the price go up in pure disbelief. They lump everything together, not understanding the difference between bitcoin and dogecoin. To the unintelligent masses, they are all scams. Everything is a ponzi, except the actual ponzi’s they think are legit, like social security. The boomers did not predict that the Federal Reserve would just buy whatever the government could not sell in the free market, not just their treasury bonds, but also mortgage backed securities (Remember 2008?) to keep the ponzi afloat. They had to; interest rates would spike and defaults would ravage markets throughout the world. Sovereign defaults. That is the dirty secret, these sovereign nations are not credit worthy, even the US. Inflation (money printing) is the better option between the two, especially as a politician, but nothing is certain. 

There is plenty of accountability to go around. The money changers, who own the central banks around the world, are ultimately accountable for creating this madness. They have manipulated the true cost of money, and there have been cancerous downstream effects from it, like trash mumble rappers making millions of dollars even though they destroy young human souls. Fix the money, fix the world. There is no single more noble cause right now than shilling bitcoin. Bitcoin education is severely in demand. We can all do our part. It is a positive feedback loop, the more people that adopt it, the higher the price goes up. The more value in the network. The more energy able to be used to usurp legacy power. 

Color Revolution 

The money changers understand that the fiat legacy system is collapsing, and they have a lot of bills that they simply cannot afford to pay. Under an inflationary fiat standard, top sports ball athletes could demand a $100,000,000 contract, and receive it. On a bitcoin standard, where the money supply is finite and deflationary, they cannot just promise the world in the present without getting rekt due to future liabilities that they cannot simply inflate away with money printing. It is hard to outperform bitcoin gains. All these liabilities would not be in issue if they suddenly got “covid” that was “unrelated” to their vax, and they suddenly died unexpectedly. 

In the digital age, the true cost of everything is being exposed. Governments around the world find themselves in a pickle, they have an increasingly aging population that is not productive, that is living longer, and are now increasingly utilizing their ponzi entitlements, such as social security and medicare. The fiat ponzi scheme that they all love at the cost of our future. By using debt to pay for these entitlements, they are essentially stealing from the future to pay for the present. They couldn’t care less, they are just worried about getting theirs. The irony is that the boomers are so brainwashed and living in fear that they lined up for the covid vax in large numbers. This will take care of much of this entitlement issue. Again, just as with the sports ball athlete contracts they cannot afford, the government cannot afford these boomer entitlements either. They are at retirement age, which is when they are going to all come due at once, and this balance sheet is much easier to maintain if they get their boosters. The budget has to balance one way or another. It comes down to assets versus liabilities, and government’s around the world are beyond broke from their inflationary, money printing activities where they could promise the future in the present. It is all based on trust, which is quickly eroding. Once trust is gone, the gig is up. “Risk happens fast.”

Americans can look at Europe for insights into what our future may end up looking like. Color revolutions have occurred several times in recent history, including several former USSR European countries. George Soros has been behind several. The Bolzivech’s Russian Revolution was where the Khazar’s got their revenge for the Russian Czar exiling them due to their satanic practices. They hold long grudges. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia infiltrated the Bolzivech’s, similar to what they are doing with the western commies in the USA with Antifa and BLM. Few. That is why modern Russia is always the enemy in the money changer’s media, as they have been the USA’s ally in the American Revolution, the War in 1812, and the world wars. Russia is based, and the Russian revolution was horrible. May the poor souls that were lost in that horrific event rest in peace. This is also why we will never hear the end of how horrible Hitler was, without mentioning he was a bastard Rothschild and why he rose to power. “They” have done an excellent job writing themselves out of the history books and painting themselves as the innocent victims.


Socialism, communism, and fascism all lead to the same thing, central control over the economic means of production. When there is central control over the means of production, price discovery is unable to occur. This has downstream impacts; nothing functions well. Authoritarians use violence and obedience to control. Smart, motivated people get killed, not promoted. The goal is to make the population so poor, destitute, and dependent on the government that they will accept whatever conditions are placed in front of them. Rich people are much harder to control, especially sovereign ones that are not slaves to their jobs. In fact, a small town farmer that can live off the land is virtually impossible to control. 

Many Americans are ignorant to actual history, where socialism led to the rise of the fascist Hitler. Western commies think socialism is the answer, blaming everything on capitalism. The problem with this reasoning is obvious, as capitalism is the only thing that brings people out of poverty, and socialism creates poverty. The issue is that with central banking, we really do not have capitalism, we have crony capitalism. Control over the money supply is a core tenet of communism, not capitalism. Central banks have complete control over the money supply, they literally create it out of thin air. Socialism is not the answer to crony capitalism, it would only lead to communism and fascism, i.e. poverty, famine, violence, and death. It would make their lives materially worse. They have no idea how good they have it living as a poor entitled youth in America. Billions of people would kill to be in that position. 

It is also important to understand that Hitler was a result of the hyperinflationary Weimar environment that resulted after WWI. The war that the money changers funded both sides of, just like the next one. It is all connected. Germans had a reason to be angry at the rest of Europe after WWI. When Hitler rose to power, he quickly banned pornography and usury, two industries controlled by the “chosen ones.” Porn is degeneracy, and is likely a leading factor in the low testosterone in men in the west. Which is leading to less men having sex, and thus, lower birth rates. Depopulation. Covid is essentially the end game for the fiat system, and now there is a major consolidation of power going on, with nation states executing their authority onto their citizens. History is nothing like what we are told. I won’t go deeper here except to say math does not lie. 

The compulsory education system in the USA after WWII has been slowly brainwashing the youth, little by little, to become more left leaning. They do not teach critical thinking, they teach students how to memorize and be show up every day. They promote obedience, and trusting authority. In the last couple of decades, the USA has been removing God from public education, and the pledge of allegiance is no longer spoken. They no longer debate between intelligent design and Darwin’s theory of evolution, they teach the theory as fact. This has been done deliberately. While this nation was founded based on Christian principles, such as our rights are given to us from God, not the State, it is critical to remove God from the culture. Communism requires blind faith in the nation state as their God. There cannot be competing deities. Just like how they cucked modern husbands to worship their wives as deities, who worship shoes. This has also forced women to operate in a hyper-masculine state, especially as they try to survive in the workforce that is ran by logic, not emotion. Not their genders strong suit. “Science” has become a term used by the nation state to promote their own propaganda, and shun the truth from getting out to the public. It is a Satanic Inversion, where animals are at the top of the hierarchy, not God.

Fear Not

The solution is clear. Afghanistan is the model, just wait them out. Stack sats in the mean time, and let the western commies take themselves out and starve and perish from covaids. If you can afford to feed your family, and not require any outside support, you are untouchable. That is why they want to make everyone as dependent on the system as possible, so they do not question authority. Western commies are not a serious medium and long term threat, they are merely useful idiots for the money changers. They are just being used as cannon fodder obtain more power and control. Their Chaz communities are not sustainable. They can only beg for hand outs, and riot and loot for so long. They aren’t exactly the bright bunch that is out burning cars on fire. These are the entitled participation trophy kids that desperately need a reality check. They had unrealistic expectations that they could do anything they wanted. After all, the mainstream media would repeat this lie their whole lives. They did not understand how the world actually works, they do not understand that socialism has been thoroughly dismantled already by economists like Mises, and that they have just been brainwashed as a result of their compulsory education from the state. That they are ngmi. Our soul’s choose our bodies based off our karmic past. This is hard for western commie’s to accept. That we didn't all start at zero in this life. For example, my parents were both antivax/anti big pharma, so I was programmed that way to understand the truth even though all my friends and teachers would repeat the lies like good little parrot serfs.