Censorship is not possible on a bitcoin standard. Streisand effect. The unintended consequences of covid 1984 are still not fully appreciated.

Bitcoin's Eternal September

Bitcoin is officially mainstream, and ((they)) want to control the narrative.

That's sexual harassment, bro

The fiat cancel culture has shown up at bitcoin 2022.

He's a sellout, bro

All is not as it appears.

The Western Commie

Do not give them an inch. They will try to take a mile. This is it.

Top 5 DC Red Flags

The succubi are lurking, and this will only increase exponentially as hyperbtc ramps up. Hide yo' keys.

The Dishonest Courtesan

Not fooling anyone lol. Not the best mating/survival strategy.

Just Say NO to the Jab

It is not in your best interest to take it. Or listen to the fact checkers. Your choice.

It's Go Time

Public speaking for bitcoin nerds.

Bitcoin OPSEC is Crucial

My first medium piece. Still an under emphasized area of concern in the bitcoin space.